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Comfortable, form-fitting clothing is a must! Your attire enables the instructor to monitor your alignment.

Avoid meals at least two hours before class.


Private Sessions 

You will meet one-to-one with a trainer, utilizing any or all equipment tailored to your specific goals.



Duet Classes

These are closely supervised classes of two individuals working towards the goals of each client.



Group of Three

This is a customized class using any or all apparatus.



Reformer Classes

A maximum of four people work together in reformer classes on mat and reformer with towers.

NOTE: All new clients interested in group reformer training classes must begin with a minimum of two introduction private sessions. If new clients wish to train with their own partner, they may begin their total body “reformation” together! Your first private session includes a full body fitness assessment with an introduction to mat work and reformer.



Center Barre Class

You might like this energetic, low impact, metabolic fat burning workout. Intensive isometric movements tone and firm thighs and buttocks, flatten the midsection and define the arm muscles. The ballet barre, hand weights, small inflated balls, stretch bands, magic circles and Fletcher towels are often used to enhance this full body workout! Our classes include core alignment with current biomechanical principles of Pilates, ballet and fitness. Small class size and exercise modifications make the experience of Center Barre accessible to all fitness levels. No ballet experience is required.



Pilates on the Green

Reformer and matwork focuses on a workout specific to golfers.



Power Plate Acceleration Training

This high intensity training is unlike anything you’ve tried before. You’ll burn fat, improve coordination and flexibility, and increase strength. This training provides an increase in the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Enhance your performance while reducing the amount of time you need to spend training, giving you a total-body workout – including massage – in only 30 minutes!



Prenatal Training

From first trimester through labor, the needs of the pregnant woman are addressed with exercises in this unique and comprehensive program. Prenatal training gently and safely prepares your body for labor, while realigning the body for successful birthing.



Postpartum Classes

Rehabilitation exercises are essential for realigning the muscles and initiating the healing process after choldbirth. Stabilization of the pubis symphysis, c-section, and diastasis recti are all addressed with slow and mindful correct body mechanics.


Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Classes 

Post–operative workout enhancing recovery through the Pink Ribbon Program. Successful evaluation of the breast cancer survivor, from diagnosis to treatment, recover and prevention of lymphedema and proper exercise guidelines and protocols. We help you stretch and strengthen the shoulder, chest, back and abdominal muscles as you regain full range of motion to those affected areas.



Three components are emphasized in Scolio-Pilates to aid in mobilizing curves, reducing pain, and improving lung and heart health: elongation of the spine, breathing exercises, strength & endurance. The instructor will teach clients exercises to assist with alignment correction.

What They're Saying...

Even in her group classes she is aware of each students strengths, limitations and injuries.

I have trained with other Pilates instructors in the Baton Rouge area, but have received the best results with Therese.                                                            — Toni

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