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Free Wellness Seminar

There was valuable information shared at the recent workshop held at the Pilates Center of Baton Rouge on April 11th.



Biochemist, Dr. Carola Leuschner, was looking for the positive effects of curcumin without the harsh chemicals and side effects found in many Indian medicines. Upon discovering a new nanoformulation of curcumin -  Curnanol & Cur-Cu-Max - a new product was born with promising characteristics as dietary supplement. 


Curnanol® (for human use ) and CurCu-Max® (for animals)  deliver curcumin in a highly absorbable form. Curnanol & Cur-Cu-Max feature anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties that help you lead a healthier, happier life, free of chronic pain.


CURANOL & Cur-Cu-Max:

  • Promote Healthy Joints & Muscles

  • Fast Recovery after Exercise

  • Promote hepatic support

  • Provide Support for Oncology Patients

  • Support Gastrointestinal Health

  • Promote Brain and Eye Health

  • Promote Relief from Soreness after Exercise

  • Supported by Clinical Studies


Healthy Bones, Healthy Life

Kathy Koehl, the first credentialed American Hone Health representative in the state of Louisiana, discussed the importance of bone health to women. She shared valuable tips for preventing bone loss, the risk factors for fracture, and the most effective dosage and forms of calcium & vitamin D. A Polestar Pilates Allegro Trainer and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Kathy also shared exercises for strong bones.


What is the PMA?

PMA is the Pilates Method Alliance. Founded in 2001, the Pilates Method Alliance is the not for profit professional association and certifying agency for Pilates teachers.  For over a decade, Pilates teachers from around the world have worked together to create a unified community, to share knowledge and information, and most importantly, to establish the practice of teaching Pilates as a profession.

SELA is the 1st PMA Chapter in the world, we currently serve Pilates professionals living in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, until such point in time that other local chapters are formed.  We exist to foster professional growth in the growing ranks of Pilates practitioners by offering quality continuing education programs on a local level.  Valuing the networking opportunities these workshops and seminars provide, we are proud to be able to offer them at an affordable price…right in our own backyard! Future workshops will include round table discussions on issues and matters related to Pilates as an industry, particularly the process involved in PMA certification. As a local Chapter, we provide a readily available mechanism for regional project development. Through our programming, we are able to direct more people to the PMA, encouraging their membership in the parent organization, as well as in the SELA Chapter.


Margrett Fels, Immediate past President for the SELA chapter

Posted January 4, 2013 in News

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