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Cancellation and Late Arrival Policy


(Please print, sign and mail or bring in to the studio.)




The Pilates Center of Baton Rouge


Cancellation of a scheduled appointment must be at least twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled appointment time. Failure to provide sufficient notice may result in the assessment of a cancellation charge in the full amount of the scheduled service. Some exceptions may be made for emergencies.


Late Arrival Policy

In order to service all clients in a punctual manner, The Pilates Center reserves
the right to decrease the service time of a client who arrives late for a scheduled appointment. The time adjustment shall be commensurate with the delay of the start time in order to accommodate the next scheduled client. There will be no adjustment of the fee for the scheduled service.

I have read and understand the cancellation and late policies of the Pilates Center and by my signature agree to uphold my obligations as stated above.



Signed: _______________________________________


Date: _____________________ 




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